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posted by Eva Gross on October 24, 2017
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Maximizer CRM 2018 has been released, and it’s all about being able to quickly connect your business with collective intelligence on customer preferences, history and status. In other words, this latest version helps you bring everything together, quickly and easily, so that you can connect with your customers, prospects and business partners like never before.

Some of the exciting new updates include:

App Directory

A personalised customer experience makes it easier to win customer loyalty. This means customer-facing teams typically work with several apps to achieve this – CRM, email, online chat, financial packages etc. But working with multiple apps requires accurate and relevant data that’s readily available so that informed decisions can be made easily and quickly.

Maximizer has done just that with the latest version, Maximizer CRM 2018. Now, users are empowered to deliver great customer service by being able to access integrated data in a secure app environment, making it easy to connect the dots between data, people and apps. This means your team can deliver personalised service across each touch points, gain insights into customer behaviour and refine their relationship with them even further.

The new App Directory connects records in Maximizer with business-critical apps including Outlook and Gmail at no added charge, through the power of pre-built integrations. Plus, the directory’s App Store-like layout makes it a breeze to use and it is regularly updated with new connections. With this release,  QuickBooks can be connected with Maximizer, giving you an overview of each customer’s payment status right inside Maximizer.

Data Import Manager

Another exciting upgrade is the ability to seamlessly bring together customer information with the new, sophisticated data import manager. You can now quickly integrate data from spreadsheets and other systems using the new Import tool, allowing you to run large imports or updates reliably.

The data import tool includes:

  • Advanced duplicate checker
  • Import history
  • Import templates for field mapping
  • Support varied entry types including Company, Individuals, Contacts & Opps
  • Export Contacts to Excel with a click for easy sharing and backup

Global Edit Feature

Sometimes you may have a large number of records to globally edit. Now, rather than waiting for your bulk edit to complete, you can crack on with your work at the same time a global edit is taking place, making it quick and easy to do multi-entry updating.

Partner Portal

Finally, the new Partner Portal – acting like a mini-version of your CRM system – gives you a clear view across each external sales channel. Partners can access the portal through any web-enabled device to manage leads and opportunities, and contribute to sales forecasts. What’s more, you can control what partners see and have the rights to edit

Plus other time saving functions

These include:

  • Expanded notifications
  • Drag and drop document loading
  • Auto-formatting for telephone numbers

When to expect your Maximizer CRM 2018 upgrades

It won’t be long before you can get connected with the new feature enhancements. CRM Live customers will get upgraded during November, while on-premise subscribers and maintenance customers can request their upgrade, with shipping also happening during November 2017.

Contact us for more information on what’s new in Maximizer CRM 2018 on +44 (0)1959 560410 or sales@collierpickard.co.uk


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