Maximizer CRM – Mobile Access

As an off-the-shelf product, Maximizer offers excellent features, deployment and access options at an affordable price. Maximizer CRM offers a flexible platform that can be customised to meet your requirements and match the way you want to work. Maximizer’s Mobile Access is one of its best selling points with further details below.

Whether you have a smartphone or tablet, with Maximizer CRM, you have access to comprehensive sales, customer service and management functionality on the move.

Get real time insight into key metrics, see sales forecasts, resolve customer service cases, manage your work calendar, follow opportunities, and create tasks & activities for colleagues back in the office. Get Maximizer and ensure you have all customer information at your fingertips anytime, anywhere, to maximise all opportunities and more. Simply upload the latest information from each appointment and your Maximizer CRM database will automatically synchronise to ensure office bound teams are kept up-to-date with your progress.

Mobilise Your Workforce

Ensure that your sales team has access to all the information they need from Maximizer in their mobile device, anywhere they go, at any time.

  • Access your Maximizer CRM via any web-enabled mobile device, including smartphones and tables, via wireless web access for mobile devices and smartphones, iPhone®, HTC, Google Android® and Nokia® Windows Mobile.
  • Simple, easy to use and affordable, Maximizer CRM enables companies to mobilise their workforces through all-access web, smart phone, tablet and desktop delivery methods.

Always Connect with Customers

Easily search for key contacts or accounts directly from the home screen and send emails or make phone calls with just one touch of the screen.

  • Monitor the status of your business and team performance at a glance, with real-time dashboards and reports and make timely decisions to drive revenue.
  • Track each customer’s history, including conversations, transactions and service cases to deliver value, build loyalty and increase repeat business.
  • Optimised Address Book search, with auto-typing prompt and search by case number in Customer Service screen.

Manage Tasks on the Go

Comprehensive access and updating of contacts, tasks, calendar appointments, sales opportunities and customer service cases on-the-fly.

  • Mobile access for Maximizer CRM allows you to view and update critical customer information in your Maximizer CRM database in real-time, through your iPhone’s wireless web browser.
  • Expand the capabilities of your iPhone smartphone with Mobile CRM and
    turn yours into a valuable business tool when you’re on the road.

View Real-time Updates

Give your field teams the ability to access the most current customer information directly from Maximizer or update existing customer information in real-time.

  • Monitor key business KPIs in real time from any location with Mobile Dashboards and take immediate action.
  • One-click access to maps and directions from customer records.
  • No synchronisation, local data or extra software to install on your
  • Wireless access is included when you purchase Maximizer CRM.

Optimise Productivity

Reduce sales downtime, increase customer face time, win more deals and move your business forward even when you’re not in the offce.

  • Modify and create User Defined Fields (UDFs) customised to your business processes for easy search functionality.
  • Access and update customer and lead information, sales opportunities, customer service cases, marketing campaigns, documents and calendar appointments.
  • Access Maximizer CRM when and where you need it.

Easily Monitor Key Metrics

Keep a constant pulse on your business and monitor key business sales, marketing and customer service metrics with real-time dashboards and reports.

  • Make real-time updates from the field on lead status and qualification, forecasted revenue and sales opportunity details.
  • Conduct timely follow-ups and keep deals moving, with access to updated details of sales opportunities.