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Maximizer CRM – Marketing Automation

Maximizer CRM – Marketing Automation

Maximizer’s built-in marketing tools mean you can simply and effectively plan, budget, execute, analyse and optimise all aspects of marketing, ensuring you spend your marketing budget wisely and directing resources to initiatives that generate proven returns.

Target customers and leads with segmented campaigns that optimize your sales funnel and boost revenue. List management capabilities will allow you to search and filter customer data by specific criteria, ensuring your campaigns are as effective as possible.

Automated Campaign Management

The campaign manager is equipped with the ability to perform multi-phased email campaigns so you can automatically nurture relationships over an extended period of time.

  • Events like web downloads, purchases, service incidents, and more can be set as triggers for a specific email campaign or autoresponse.
  • Benefit from real-time data from Maximizer in Excel, ideal for Marketing Opportunity or Campaign management and customer service auditing.
  • Manage unsubscribe requests, with the automatic unsubscribe signature that will appear at the bottom of each email template allowing recipients to automatically unsubscribe from the various email types, modifying their email preference’s within their contact record.

Effective Lead Qualification

Efficient lead management process to convert leads to customers based on your ideal lead qualification criteria within a buying process that matches your business.

  • Measure clicks, responses, leads, deals, return on investment (ROI) and revenue.„
  • Send targeted, personalised email campaigns using secure templates, from multiple email addresses.
  • Real time data for quick and informed decisions.
  • Import leads directly from your website.
  • Seamless integration of the marketing and sales functions in Maximizer delivers higher conversion rates and greater customer satisfaction.
  • Simple to use, easy to customise and access – anywhere, anytime and
    anyhow, to work the way you do.

Lead Nurturing

Easily deliver the right content, at the right time to keep your prospects engaged and moving through your sales process. Within the lead qualification process and across your sales funnel you can ensure the most effective marketing content is kept in front of your prospects.

  • Use online behaviour tracking to get the ideal email message or sales offer to the right prospect at the right time.
  • See which sources are producing customers, down to the keywords they search and individual pages they came from.

Email Marketing

An intuitive email marketing engine helps you manage complex contact lists and streamline complex segmentation. Includes built-in anti-spam functionality.

  • Ensure emails are never sent to individuals who have opted-out by selecting the email type within the email editor and Maximizer will ensure the email is only sent to individuals with consent.
  • Create dynamic email templates in the new text editor, copying content from Microsoft Word and Outlook while maintaining formats such as bullet points, text font and size, including the insertion of tables.
  • Import HTML code or completed HTML templates directly in the emails campaign dialogues, including images, which can be embedded into the code to ensure images display every time.
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