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posted by Alan Joenn on May 10, 2018
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Social influence on CRM

Social media is everywhere. On your phone, tablet and on your laptop; in the news, in your business and in your home. So what about CRM? Where is the influence of social media on your CRM system? Well, Infor has answered this question with its Operating Service (Infor OS) and Ming.le. The two systems live together and blend seamlessly with Infor CRM to create a world of shared information, notifications, collaboration, social posts and tags, to ‘keep people in the loop’ or to ask for help.

Infor OS and Ming.le are multitenant applications, running in the cloud, for Infor Cloud Suite customers. However, there are also single tenant versions of the applications for you to install on your own servers or in your privately hosted cloud.

Here is a short video that shows you how the three systems – Infor OS, Infor CRM and Ming.le – work hand in hand. Watching the video is, in our opinion, 16 minutes of time well spent. It will explain the way that Infor has applied a social influence on CRM.




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