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posted by Luke Murphy on April 11, 2018
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Update 10 for Infor CRM 8.3 has been released. No new features were added in SNC/Web Core/ Web Model Update 10.

SNC Update 10 for Infor CRM version 8.3 addresses the following issues:

INFORCRM-19855 In a Russian environment, team names containing Cyrillic text are corrupted in the dialog
box that displays after deleting a shared group.

Web Core Update 10 for Infor CRM version 8.3 addresses the following issues:

INFORCRM-17439 On the Sales Process tab, if a step is completed after 5 pm the completed date displays one day after the completed date.

INFORCRM-18387 In Application Architect, Portal Manager, portals fail to open properly.

INFORCRM-19375 In Application Architect, an error occurs when applying a VFS bundle.

INFORCRM-19376 In Application Architect, editing a business rule or code snippet in the Local File System will cause either an “Object reference not set to an instance of an object” error to display or Application Architect to stop responding.

INFORCRM-19377 Users that belong to a role with administrator actions or have administrator actions for adding, editing, viewing and deleting of teams or departments receive an error when attempting to save after editing teams or departments

INFORCRM-19378 In Customer portal the Ticket detail view Status field no longer displays data.

INFORCRM-19381 If Multi Currency is enabled, when editing an opportunity product the Adjusted Price (Base) and Adjusted Price (Opportunity) do not correctly accept values unless there are values for four decimal places to the right of the decimal point.

INFORCRM-19400 (ICBOE) Viewing the detail view of sales orders synchronized from an ERP system display slowly which impacts performance.

INFORCRM-19402 In the Query Builder Conditions tab, the Ticket.StatusCode Browse list shows pick list ID values instead of the display name.

INFORCRM-19404 (ICBOE) When two different users are working with the same record that is synchronized with an ERP, and error occurs.

INFORCRM-19406 When importing contacts the Owner option selection is ignored and the owner is set to ‘Everyone’.

INFORCRM-19408 Performing a mail merge for contacts associated with an opportunity fails to save the attachments to the opportunity.

INFORCRM-19409 After a failed sign in as the administrator, once the administrator successfully signs in the SECCODEDESC changes from ‘Everyone’ to ‘ADMIN’ so that records now appear to be owned by ‘ADMIN’.

INFORCRM-19413 Opportunity Statistics calculate incorrectly for a group when the group contains certain local joins.

INFORCRM-19414 The Admin user cannot see Smart Parts that are assigned to a specific role, even though the Admin user should have access to everything.

INFORCRM-19417 Crystal reports with an unbound currency, datetime, or date parameters do not prompt the user as expected or display in the report.

INFORCRM-19430 Changing an account owner does not update the SECCODEID for any related quotes.

INFORCRM-19492 On the Account detail view, Opportunities tab, the summary fields are always set to 0.

INFORCRM-19524 Sync for Exchange does not synchronize the Address Country field from Infor CRM to Microsoft Exchange.

INFORCRM-19651 Attempting to save a new account and contact without entering the required information causes the expected validation warnings, but even after adding the required information the record cannot be saved.

INFORCRM-19795 In the Account detail view, an error may occur if the Web URL field is greater than 60 characters.

INFORCRM-19804 In a group, when Return Distinct Rows is set to True, Group Total Records does not Match Filter Count Total.

INFORCRM-19843 Creating and saving a note for a ticket activity populates the Create Date, but fails to populate an End Date.

INFORCRM-19872 When saving long URLs as Attachments, an SDATA error occurs.

INFORCRM-19873 When editing an occurrence of a recurring activity, dragging and dropping a file to attach it to the activity causes the error “The data in one or more fields has exceeded its limit. HTTP status: Internal Server Error (500)” .

INFORCRM-19898 The SOURCEDATE is shown in UTC/GMT instead of local time.

INFORCRM-19918 On the Contact and Opportunity detail views check boxes are not aligned correctly.

INFORCRM-20005 After editing a record in a detail tab, the tab column headers disappear.

INFORCRM-20048 The administrator is unable to delete a dashboard that has been shared by a user.

INFORCRM-20054 In the Application Architect Action Item Designer, changes to the height settings are ignored.

INFORCRM-20056 (ICBOE) Quote proposal is missing the billing and shipping addresses when the quote is created and the account is auto-populated.

INFORCRM-20105 After creating a contact with a suffix the suffix field is empty in the contact’s detail view, Edit Name dialog box.

INFORCRM-20204 When an activity start date is added to a group layout, any timeless activity start dates do not show 12:00AM due to the timezone conversion.

INFORCRM-20219 In Application Architect an error may occur when using external assemblies.

INFORCRM-20239 When scrolling through Opportunity details views using the forward and back buttons, the Estimated Close date shows wrong date.

INFORCRM-20241 If you do not change the estimated closed date when inserting an opportunity, when it is viewed in the detail view, the Estimated Close date displays the wrong date.

INFORCRM-20275 Username and password are exposed in the event log during a failed logon attempt.

INFORCRM-20295 When adding or editing an opportunity, manually typing the estimated close date does not save the date.

INFORCRM-20327 In a sales process, when scheduling a step that is set to 1 day after completion of previous step, it is scheduling for two days in the future instead of one day.

Web Model Update 10 for Infor CRM version 8.3 addresses the following issues:

INFORCRM-16129 Under certain circumstances expanding a sales process stage drop-down list causes the Infor CRM Web Client to stop responding.

INFORCRM-19379 (ICBOE) The InboundProcessor.CreateOutboundTxn() overwrites pre-existing LogicalID and AccountingEntityId content for unpromoted child entities like ErpshipTo, ErpBillTo and Contact.

INFORCRM-19380 When editing an opportunity Estimated Close date the date that is saved is one day earlier than the selected value.

INFORCRM-19401 New pick list items are not available until the browser cache has been cleared.

INFORCRM-19403 When converting a qualified lead using the merge option an opportunity is created but the new contact is not associated with it.

INFORCRM-19405 Regional Format is ignored when signing in using Windows Authentication.

INFORCRM-19410 Data loss occurs when executing a 2 way synchronization through Xbar under certain conditions.

INFORCRM-19411 After creating an account leaving the Industry field set to the default value, the Industry displays correctly on the detail view, but not in any list views.

INFORCRM-19412 When creating a new contact and account, if a lead source is selected, it is not saved with the record.

INFORCRM-19415 After editing the Account Type pick list default value, the new value is ignored when adding a new account.

INFORCRM-19591 When using an Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 browser, users cannot add products to an opportunity.

INFORCRM-19597 Non-admin users granted view permissions to teams can only view teams of which they are a member.

INFORCRM-19703 On the Opportunity detail view, Sales Processes tab, the Sales Process drop-down list does not contain any values until the page is refreshed.

INFORCRM-19704 On the Opportunity detail view, Sales Processes tab, after selecting a sales process the Stages drop-down list does not contain any values.

INFORCRM-19779 Unable to add users when there are mismatched values between the APPID column of USERINTEGRATIONMAP and the APPID column of the APPIDMAPPING table

INFORCRM-19818 Update the context-sensitive help link in the Infor CRM v8.3.0.10 Web Client.

INFORCRM-19839 Punching in to a ticket should prevent other users from being able to edit the ticket.

INFORCRM-19840 A ticket activity end time can be earlier than the start time.

INFORCRM-19841 Cannot clear and select Case Sensitive Compare checkbox in the assign condition form.

INFORCRM-19844 On the Contact detail view, unsaved changes to check boxes do not produce the unsaved data prompt.

INFORCRM-19845 Using a comma in Area / Category / Issue causes everything after the comma to not display.

INFORCRM-19846 On the Ticket detail view, Audit Trail tab, the Status column displays the pick list ID instead of the display name.

INFORCRM-19847 On the Ticket detail view, Audit Trail tab, the Old and New columns displays the pick list ID instead of the display name.

INFORCRM-19919 Some Administrative roles with View access allow edits to be made.

INFORCRM-20210 The Customer Portal sign in page has the wrong copyright date.

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