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Tips for mapping Pick-lists (or Option Set Fields) during CRM integration or data migration

When you are migrating data from a soon-to-be defunct system to your new shiny CRM system (or perhaps from one operational system to another), you may want to take the opportunity to clean, update or translate the data in transition. This blog describes the challenges of migrating

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3 ways to turn data in Infor CRM into knowledge

CRM systems are great at Information Processing – in other words, the journey taken when raw, unorganised and unprocessed data gets converted into meaningful information. This process is achieved because CRM systems are able to show relationships and connections between different types of data. For example, communication records of phone calls, meetings

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How to easily view data that’s important to you

The power of dragging items around your screen to suit your viewing preferences shouldn’t be underestimated or forgotten – it could save you time and make it a lot easier to work with your Infor CRM data. Here are two very simple yet effective examples of what

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End of Life for TaskCentre for SalesLogix / Infor CRM Tools

The 8th of September marked the end of life for the TaskCentre SalesLogix / Infor CRM Integration Tools. Moving forward, the focus will solely be on SalesLogix / Infor CRM integration via the product’s web service and TaskCentre’s widely used Web Service Connector Tool. Associated support of the native SalesLogix / Infor CRM Tools will

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Groups in Infor CRM: how to create and search for them

Sometimes, it’s easier to segment information into manageable groups so that you can look up and work with data in your Infor CRM system more efficiently. Groups are flexible to work with too – for example, a contact record can be saved in more than one group, you can export group records to Excel,

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2 simple tips for making your Infor CRM life easier

This isn’t going to be a long or convoluted blog – but it does point out two very basic yet handy tips for making your Infor CRM life easier. Sometimes it’s the little things that make a big difference.

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Infor CRM user tip: using the web client

There are benefits to using the Infor CRM web client, such as having easy access to your CRM system from anywhere, at any time. But if you encounter problems logging in to your Infor CRM via the web, the issue is usually quite simple and easy to fix.

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Infor CRM user tip: changing your password

There may come a time when you’re required to change your password in Infor CRM. The reasons may vary, from company policies for security reasons, to you forgetting what your password is. So changing a password should be fairly straightforward, shouldn’t it?

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Infor CRM user tip: knowing your filters

Filters, as we know, are useful for narrowing down lists of information so that what you see is relevant to your search. However, sometimes they can be pesky little devils without you even realising it. So what am I talking about?

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Infor CRM 8.3: Language Packs for French and German

Language Packs for French and German have been released for Infor CRM 8.3. The English language version of Infor CRM 8.3 must already be installed, with SNC 01, Web Core 01, and Web Model Update 01 already applied, before these Language Packs can be used. However! We

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