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What’s the best way to use picklists in Infor CRM?

Picklists are fantastic for keeping your data quality high by controlling the values a user can enter. This makes reporting and searching much more reliable – we all know the issues with free type fields don’t we? But not all picklists behave the same as they depend on

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Efficient Ticket Management – setting up standard problems and resolutions

If you are on the Customer Services team, then you’ve probably encountered common issues that customers raise with you – and more often than not, they will require common ways to resolve these problems. When these issues and resolutions crop up repeatly, is there a way to

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Efficient Ticket Management – how to manage ticket urgency

If you’ve been following my blog-series on how to efficiently manage tickets in Infor CRM, you’ll understand what the different contract types are, and how to configure area, category and issue values. If not, the links to those articles are given below. In this blog and video

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Efficient Ticket Management – logging tickets with proper configuration

Last week I started this blog-series on Infor CRM ticket management by covering contract types. As mentioned in that blog, how well the ticket functionality is used in your Infor CRM system depends on many factors, so in this blog (including a video below) I will show you

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Efficient Ticket Management in Infor CRM – Understanding Contract Types

How well the Ticket functionality is used in your Infor CRM system depends on several factors, so in the following blogs and videos I will cover some best practices and tips for how to save time by setting them up and configuring them. This 6-part series will cover:

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Xbar for Infor CRM – what can it do?

If you spend a fair amount of time dealing with emails and generally working from within Outlook, then Infor CRM’s Xbar is a great tool for quickly and easily accessing your Infor CRM contact information, activities and opportunities from Outlook. It allows you to create new contact records, accounts and opportunities, simply by

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CRM performance on a virtual environment

I came across an interesting situation the other day while on customer site – a puzzling situation which raised lots of questions, where the answer went against everything I thought was correct about CRM performance on a virtual environment. Here’s what I found out.

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How to import data into Infor CRM

There may come a time when you need to import data into your Infor CRM system. This may seem like a daunting task to do, but the good news is that it’s actually quite simple as long as it’s a straightforward import routine. This blog will show you how

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Video tutorial: how to associate accounts

Relationships between companies and business entities can sometimes be complex. For example, a parent company may have several subsidiaries, associated companies, other controlling interests as well as suppliers and so forth. But how do you remember who’s related to who in your database? Is there a way to associate accounts in

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Save time by dictating notes to your mobile phone

A couple of weeks ago my colleague Eva Gross posted a blog about The Importance of Customer Relationship Mobility on our CRM Insights blog stream. The statistics around use of mobile devices proves that it’s an area that continues to grow and develop:

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