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Infor CRM user options guide – how to set your opportunities

The User Options area of your Infor CRM system allows you to tweak your settings so that it works in the way that suits your preferences. In previous blogs about Infor CRM user options, I covered: Infor CRM user options – a general guide Infor CRM user

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Infor CRM user options guide – how to change your password

This is part 4 of our Infor CRM user guide – and it’s going to be a very quick guide, as it focuses on how to change your password. But in case you missed the other guides in this series, here they are: Infor CRM user options

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Infor CRM user options – how to set up your calendar

Welcome to part three of the Infor CRM options guide. In my previous two blogs, I covered: Infor CRM user options – a general guide Infor CRM user options – a guide on groups and alerts In this blog we will go through how to configure the

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Fixing your Help Files in Infor CRM 8.3 & 8.4

Throughout your Infor CRM system you’ll find the useful Help File links represented by this icon    usually located in the top right corner. Unfortunately, following recent updates, the link between the icon and the Help Files themselves has broken. Below are the steps to re-link the

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Infor CRM user options – a guide on groups and alerts

In my previous blog I gave an overview of general user options in Infor CRM. This time, we are going to explore the options surrounding Groups and Alerts. Groups Let’s start with Groups. Group settings are generally suitable for most users by default but there are few

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Infor CRM user options – a general guide

We all have different ways in which we use our Infor CRM system. This can be because of our particular job roles, and it can also be because of personal preferences. That’s one of the many beauties of Infor CRM – each user can fine-tune the way

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5 ways to manage your CRM data input effectively

Over the years, we’ve written many blogs about data integrity and how to spot the signs when it’s going downhill. We therefore know it’s important to understand how your data is being inserted into your CRM system as this is largely the base on which users’ daily

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Things to consider when updating and upgrading your Infor CRM system

There are a number of reasons why you may want to upgrade or update your Infor CRM system – for example, there may be new features that would be useful to your business, a fix to a defect that you’ve encountered on your system, or it may

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Understanding dashboard data

In a blog I posted about “How to create dashboards in Infor CRM” we looked at dashboards as a general tool to help you stay closer to the valuable data you need to be as efficient as possible. I highlighted the importance of having the right data

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Making event management easier with CRM

My colleague, Alan Joenn, recently blogged about CRM and event management, raising questions about how easy it is to organise events using your CRM system. If you are involved with events, trade shows, product launches, showcases, seminars and so forth, then you will know how important it

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