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Incompatibility between Chrome and older versions of Saleslogix

Eva Gross
posted by Eva Gross on June 27, 2018
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The most recent version of Chrome (Chrome version 67) is incompatible with some older versions of the Saleslogix web client (versions older than Saleslogix 8.2.03).

What does this mean for you?

If you are using Saleslogix web client that’s older than 8.2.03, here are some options to help you avoid the issue:

  • The simplest option is to use another web browser (such as Firefox or Internet Explorer)
  • Alternatively, don’t update your current version of Chrome
  • Apply a fix, which is available for Chrome version 67 users

Applying the fix

The fix requires editing the Sage-Combined.js file, which is minified – so this is a job for the technically minded person! Start by opening this file, which is located in the portal under support files\jscript\sage. Then, search for “x-parse” – there should only be one instance of that. The unminified format of the function containing “x-parse” will look like this (note: this may vary depending on which version of Infor CRM/Saleslogix you’re using – but the general structure should look the same. Don’t copy the code shown here if your code doesn’t match exactly):

function _1457() {
var _1458 = _144b(“x-parse”, null, “content”);
if (_1458 && _1458 != “none”) {
_1451([eval(_1458)], _1452);
else { _1452(); }

Now, add “&& _1458 != “normal””, as shown here (again, the exact code may look different depending on your version of Infor CRM/Saleslogix):

function _1457() {
var _1458 = _144b(“x-parse”, null, “content”);
if (_1458 && _1458 != “none” && _1458 != “normal”) {
_1451([eval(_1458)], _1452);
else { _1452(); }

Finally, save this file. Do note though, that as this file also exists in the Customer Ticket Portal, you will need to change it there in the same way too.

Note: If you apply this fix, some areas of the system may not look the same afterwards – this is because this fix bypasses the client-side script code that was causing the issue and how it handles the xstyle parsing of dojo.

If you have any questions about this issue, do feel free to contact us by clicking on the button below.

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