Where does Customer Experience (CX) stop and where does “the back office” kick in? The relationship between your CX systems – and CRM in particular – and your back office systems has always been a matter of opinion.

Many regard ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning – and financial accounting records as the Master in a Master-Slave relationship with CRM; others prefer to see a seamless flow between the two. Whichever way you look at it, they all have some role to play in the Customer Experience. Whether it’s a marketing email, a sales proposal or an invoice from the accounts department, the customer will regard your business as one entity – not a front office team and back office team working independently of one another.

Our approach to integrating these parts of your business is to assess the benefit to the customer experience and to your business growth. All the technology we work with has rich APIs and integration capabilities. So talk to us about your workflows and the relationship you want with your customers – and we’ll help you determine the right route for blending CRM and the back office.