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Selecting New Tools

The tech marketplace is constantly evolving. We keep ahead of the game with information that will help our customers make the most of their tech investment and help them achieve their top level goals.

The coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdown forced us to identify new tools that would allow our customers to gain competitive advantage as they morph business operations and adopt new digital tools.

Following market research into technology-enabled selling for use inside Teams, Zoom and other online meeting tools, we have selected d!nk SalesMatik as ‘Best in Breed’.

Why we recommend SalesMatik?

You create interactive pitch books and enable more efficiency in selling.

The high impact sales tools created for SalesMatik give your sales team the freedom to focus on customer needs and on building your value proposition.

SalesMatik also creates an on-the-go learning world for better selling. Continuous professional development is enabled through SalesMatik.

Efficiency. Empowered team. Effective customer interactions. Focus on adding value Better outcomes.

Key Features

Post-Covid New rules: New tools

Covid-19 has changed everything. It’s now all about Teams and Zoom, not face-to-face calls.  So we need new tools for the new rules of engagement.

Transform pitch books: Go interactive

Change corporate decks, sales literature and marketing collateral into collaborative tools. Make them interactive. Create dialogue during sales calls.

Do it in PowerPoint: a tool you already know

Create questions and collect data inside your PowerPoint decks. Quantities, opinions, goals. Calculate outcomes and display results. All inside PowerPoint.

Metrics: Quantify your sales interactions

Measure the time spent on corporate messages, products and services, marketing material. Know what engages the customer and what they download.

Learn how you can be the best

Compare sales interaction metrics to pipeline and revenue. Take the guess work out of new best practice. Make data driven decisions.

Improve performance for the whole team

Sales team education based on new best practice. Know what marketing collateral works and what doesn’t. Develop consistency in customer engagement.

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Who uses d!nk SalesMatik?

Big companies and small ones use d!nk technology.

What they have in common is the desire to liberate their sales people from the treadmill of constantly preparing for meetings by giving them powerful tools that allow them to focus in customer interaction and adding value.

D!nk customers span a wide range of industries from med tech to financial services.

Trenker Laboratories launched efficient mobile sales enablement in just 2 weeks with d!nk.

SalesMatik gives each sales person 4.5 extra hours per week to spend on core sales tasks.


The most innovative thing to happen in on-line selling for years. There’s simply nothing else like it.

Tom Costers, Commercial International Leader former Senior Director at Microsoft Worldwide Named Sales

About d!nk

D!nk is a Belgian company set up to provide technology enabled selling tools for business over 10 years ago. Today, over 15,000 users in 48 countries engage daily with more than 100,000 sales tools enabled by d!nk.

D!nk people want to help organisations focus on valuable sales activities and to discover the freedom of mind brought about by a productive sales team. So d!nk focuses on building the technology to enable this productive, so that its user community doesn’t have to be tech-savvy – the d!nk team does that on your behalf.

SalesMatik is the primary technology enabled selling tool in the d!nk portfolio.

D!nk works with local partners, including Collier Pickard in the UK.

At a Glance

With the SalesMatik App Builder you create interactive sales tools in PowerPoint. Pitch book, benefit calculators, configurators. These can stand alone or can connect to CRM data. Sales tools are distributed to your sales teams with a single click.

Maintain your sales tools, manage version control and improve your interactive tool set based on actual usage in the field.

Make it easier for people to do business with you through high impact meetings. These days you don’t need a huge pitch deck to explain your company and products. Customers want you to demonstrate your expertise and the value you can bring to their business. So you need sales tools that help you understand the customer’s business, to show the value of your products and services, and to help find out how decisions are made. SalesMatik helps your sales people in all these areas, even calculating ROI specific to the information collected during the sales meeting.

SalesMatik also provides on-the-go learning for sales improvement. Accelerate sales education through simple distribution of expert guidance and impactful content. PowerPoint presentations can be turned into interactive distance learning material in minutes using the d!nk PowerPoint plug-on.

Visit reports and sales interaction outcomes are the life blood of sales management. You need to know what your team is doing, how well they are doing it, and the effectiveness of the time they spend with customers and prospects. SalesMatik delivers the analysis you need as an automatic by-product of the sales team using the SalesMatik app during meetings.

As you transform to on-line sales interactions in the post-Covid world, this information is invaluable in helping you understand your new best practice rules. And the data comes without your sales team having to take time out of their sales schedule. You get the data you need to support your decision making in real time.

Sales interaction data can even feed directly into your CRM system or into your BI tool thereby improving the quality of the dashboards you use for monitoring and planning.

High impact pitch books. Create stunning, interactive presentations to empower your sales teams. And do it without leaving PowerPoint. The d!nk plug-in for PowerPoint allows you to insert true sales interactivity with ease. Multiple choice questions,  pick lists, opinion ratings, sliders, image scrolling, measurements, calculators. Everything you need to let your sales team shine and add value for the customer. Promotional content becomes educational material that allows the customer to understand the true value of doing business with you. All this plus measurement. You get real time metrics on how oyur collateral is being used in sales interactions and when the customer downloads material shared during the call.

Make it easier for people to do business with you through beautifully structure interactive content, and deliver it to your sales teams with a few clicks. This means that everyone will be using the most current versions of your core marketing collateral. No more out-of-date pitching as your sales team will always be right up to date.

Security is paramount in business systems. SalesMatik is built on the Microsoft Azure cloud and leverages Azure cybersecurity. For sending automated emails, SalesMatik integrates by default with Mandrill, the transactional email platform built by MailChimp.

Single Sign On (SSO) is a feature of SalesMatik. The SalesMatik identity server is integrated with ADFS, OKTA, OpenID and Google ID for authentication and security risk reduction.

SalesMatik CRM connectors offer the opportunity of improved sales productivity. SalesMatik is deeply integrated with Dynamics and Salesforce contacts, accounts, opportunities and appointments. The open API allows the Collier Pickard team to create links to all other open CRM applications.

App stores make SalesMatik an easy download for your sales teams. The app is available in Android Playstore, iOS AppStore and Windows Store. Alternatively the webapp can be addressed from Chrome, Edge, Firefox, IE and Safari.

Microsoft PowerPoint is the base tool for pitch books and for e-learning content.

No need to learn a new world of code and process, just start using the PowerPoint plug-in for PowerPoint and you’re good to go.

Immediate follow up is offered so that your customer gets the right information from a meeting straightaway. No need to wait for a follow up report.

And SalesMatik can report back to CRM so that your sales people can focus on the customer, not the paperwork.

What we think of d!nk SalesMatik

CRM provides the customer data you need to react to change. Insight is the name of the game, and well-configured CRM will deliver that. McKinsey & Co stats show that “we have vaulted five years forward in consumer and business digital adoption in a matter of around eight weeks”. Old rules of engagement have changed and new rules for selling are not easy to determine. Customers now want you to deliver value, not just a promotional pitch, during on-line meetings.

This is why we have added d!nk SalesMatik to our portfolio. It provides the tools you need for post-Covid selling. Moreover, it delivers the metrics you need to understand the new rules of sales interaction. It is the tool that delivers evidence – the data you need to transform your selling in the best way possible.

Alan Joenn, Account Director at Collier Pickard