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GDPR Compliance – Data Insurance

GDPR Compliance – CRM Data Insurance

Value of your CRM Data

Increasingly, data is becoming the most valuable part of a business. If you were to lose this data through a breach, it stands the chance to lose all of it’s value.

As a result, identifying and understanding the value of the data you hold is critical to increasing the value you provide to shareholders, and to optimizing the future success of your business.

Data Insurance is such a specialist area, because of this we have decided to partner with experts on the subject – Corporation Tax Rebates.

GDPR compliance matters – your own information and anything that your clients trust you with. If a hacker targets your business, there’s an IT failure or you (or someone in your business) accidentally shares something they’re not supposed to, it takes time and money to fix.

To hold and use customer or lead information while staying GDPR compliant your clients and leads need to be told when you collected their data, why, what, who and how.

Is GDPR compliance an issue for you? Not sure? We can help.

Just looking for a little guidance?

If you’re just starting out or you would like some further information on our services, get in touch with us today. We’d love to help!


The most critical part of collecting any data is how you have acquired it.

DataGuardsman will teach you how to lawfully collect and use personal data.


Using DataGuardsman, you can accurately cover every aspect of becoming GDPR compliant.

It will also generate all of the required policy documents and procedures.


In the age of data, failing to follow GDPR guidelines for how you use data in your sales & marketing can leave you in a position where clients and leads can take legal action against you.


GDPR only allows you to hold data for a certain period of time before the client/lead has to re-opt in. If they refuse to opt-in you will have to delete their data.
Failure to do so can leave you exposed to claims.

DataGuardsman has a unique blend of legal, accounting and financial knowledge which they use to help business’ become GDPR compliant.

Their founding members include:

  • Ex-General Counsel and DPO for bank, owner of asset finance company and Consultant to UK Government on GDPR
  • Accountant Principal of her own practice
  • Former Corporate Sales Director for a major HR consultancy group in the UK
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