posted by Alan Joenn on October 26, 2012
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User Engagement

Once your new CRM system is in place how do you get people to actually use it? And to use it in a way that strengthens your business and CRM culture? In this week’s CRM Whiteboard session, Alan Joenn looks into User Engagement in CRM.


Hello. Today we’re going to talk about user engagement within the context of CRM – Customer Relationship Management.

Now some years ago I saw a presentation from Deloittes and they presented this piece of applied psychology within the context of user engagement in the deployment of new processes and new systems within a business. We think that this model is extremely applicable to user engagement, user adoption, of CRM systems and we’d like to draw your attention to the stages.

The typical method for creating user buy in to the CRM system is to put people through a training course that’s been designed specifically to show people how to use a CRM system in the context of the way it’s been configured for the business processes that you use in engagement with your prospective customers and your customers. We believe however that that’s not taking the right level of understanding that’s available from the market. So if we look at the timeline to achieve user engagement, what we’d like to do is move people from the status quo where they are maybe not currently familiar with your CRM culture and the way that you expect them to engage with a CRM system, to the point where they understand the vision you have for using CRM to create a customer centric culture within the heart of the business and the way you do things.

So we believe that buy-in is not the end goal of user engagement, but that ownership of the system should be the goal. If people care passionately about the quality of data that’s in a CRM system – feel that it’s theirs – they will look after it in a way that provides excellent information for the organisation to work in a seamless, smooth way in terms of its customer-centric approach.

So in terms of a CRM deployment we believe that user engagement must take people gently through this process, you can’t jump straight to the end of the line and achieve your vision in one goal – you must create awareness and understanding and acceptance of the CRM system and the new culture and the way you expect people to work before you can create buy in and ownership of the system.

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