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posted by Eva Gross on March 1, 2013
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Swiftpage and Saleslogix

Swiftpage’s recent acquisition of Saleslogix from Sage is an unusual move in the CRM community. We take a look at why this is the case and what it might mean for the future of CRM.


Hello and welcome to this video whiteboard session. Today we’re going to talk about the news that’s been around for the last few weeks of Swiftpage and their acquisition of Saleslogix from Sage.

Now this raises an interesting concept in the market for us, because if you take a step back and look at the way that CRM providers interact with digital service providers like Swiftpage, the relationship is one of information passing entirely in batch form from one place to another. So typically a marketing person will make a search and selection in their CRM database, create a list of people that need to go into a nurturing campaign or need to go into an email blast or some other service which is going to be provided by a digital communications service that’s in the cloud. The lists get passed across here, this guy does his job and the outcomes of this work gets passed back into CRM. Traditionally with email marketing that might be outcomes such open rates click-through’s, unsubscribe’s, bounce-backs and so on. With more sophisticated digital marketing there might be other programme info that comes back updating campaigns and various other aspect of lead nurturing in your CRM database.

So this relationship has always existed in this way and some manufacturers of CRM software have even taken the view that they might get directly into this world; for example Oracle bought Eloqua recently in order to blend this digital communications technology into its CRM platform.

Now this acquisition is very interesting from our point of view because it’s the other way round. It’s the digital marketing and digital communications provider who’s decided that in order to improve the service delivery that it CollierPickard.co.uk and thank you for watching.has into the marketplace it needs a structured database operating within the digital marketing world.

We’re quite excited about this. We think that Saleslogix might be blended into the Swiftpage digital world in a revolutionary way, in a way that’s not happening elsewhere in the market. There’ll be more press and announcement information on our site and on the Swiftpage and Sage websites.

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