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5 important CRM software project wrap up tasks

It’s a great feeling for all involved when a long, CRM software project is finally complete – installation and possibly customisation and configuration is done; user training is done; everything is ready to go. But once the project is finished, the outcome can be a bit like

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Quotation software – part of CRM or ERP?

There are many pieces of software on the market for quotations. Some are simple … a product file, a price list and a quote template. Others are sophisticated … configure, price, quote (or CPQ) tools with complex configurators and product image building. The goal of each type

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Event management and CRM – forgotten territory?

Events have been the responsibility of the marketing team forever. Organising annual events, recurring programmes of seminars (webinars), sponsorships, product showcases, exhibitions and trade shows – they’re all part of the marketing team’s remit and everyone expects them to just get on with it. But in the

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Top 5 GDPR myths vs. the reality

In my last blog I introduced GDPR as the single biggest change to the way marketers can process data. I highlighted some useful resources and suggested some steps to build GDPR compliance into your CRM system. This time I thought I would attempt to quash some of

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GDPR – What CRM users and managers need to know

In May 2018, data protection laws will change thanks to the introduction of a new directive from the European Union. This new ruling is called the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The new directive aims to streamline data protection by bringing a standard practice into place for

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What is CRM? It’s not software!

Our Marketing Director, Alan Joenn, recently gave a presentation at The Business Show at the ExCel in London. His theme was “How CRM enables business growth”. The full video clip will be available later but for starters, we thought we’d show you short snippets, broken up into

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Trade shows: how can your CRM system help you get organised?

I have a confession to make – I’m not a huge fan of doing trade shows, or exhibitions as we also call them. There is always a ton of stuff to prepare, organise, execute and follow up on… and it’s not because I’m work-shy, but it can

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6 Top tips for CRM in manufacturing

More and more manufacturing and engineering companies are turning to CRM to help improve aspects of their business. We have built the following list of top tips based on our experience of working with many companies in the manufacturing and engineering sector. CRM in manufacturing is different

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CRM for manufacturing

Over the past 12 months, CRM for manufacturing companies has become an important part of our work – both as CRM consultants and as CRM systems suppliers. CRM is undoubtedly something that manufacturers have paid too little attention, for too long. So what made the manufacturing sector

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Updated CRM and CX eBook

If you’ve been following our blogs, you’ll have noticed that we’ve been covering the subject of Customer Experience (CX) recently. Why? Well, consider these current trends: Gartner predicts that 89% of marketers will view CX to be their primary differentiator. According to Forrester, 72% of businesses say that improving the customer

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