posted by Alan Joenn on January 4, 2013
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Mobile CRM

If members of your organisation are routinely away from your offices, visiting clients or prospects, then you need to decide how they will record details of these meetings back into your CRM database. In this week’s CRM Whiteboard session Alan Joenn takes a look at the decisions that need to be made about Mobile CRM.


Hello and welcome to this CRM Whiteboard session. Today we’re going to talk about mobile customer relationship management. Mobile CRM being a term that applies to people who aren’t necessarily based in one of your offices where they can use desktop computers or computers linked in to your network and your CRM database in some way, but they’re people who are out on the road travelling around visiting customers, visiting suppliers, helping you develop your business and achieve your goals.

Now the requirement for people who are out on the road like this to collaborate with your CRM database varies according to the type of work that they are doing. Within Collier Pickard, people in Collier Pickard, account managers and project managers are unlikely to make more than a couple of calls into client organisations during the course of the day. So it’s perfectly practical for us to use laptop computers which record the CRM data that’s been collected during the customer contact or during the client visit. And do that by popping into a Starbucks and using the Wi-Fi connection or even waiting until you get home.

One of our clients who supplies components to the manufacturing world, their sales people are on the road with call targets of five a day. Now, to ask a salesman with that call rate to remember accurately all the meeting notes and meeting information that he collected about five meetings every day and accurately record that into the CRM database when he gets home in the evening would be a big ask.

So the question for that organisation is, is there enough real estate on a smart phone screen or do they need to use a tablet? Either of which will allow that salesperson to jump in his car after a meeting update the notes, ping an email, describe the next action in the CRM database and now move on to his next call.

So if we’re deciding here between laptops, smart phones, and tablets we also need to take into account what signal availability there is, if we’re going to collaborate with the database through Wi-Fi or 3G or 4G signals. And the location of visits for your field based people, the locations around the world and the country where mobile CRM needs to take place in this interactive way, your ability to do it will be dependent on what signal strength you have in the areas that you need to visit.

So when you think about mobile CRM you need to think about the quantity of data that people are collecting during the customer contacts or the client contacts that they need to remember. Whether they can do that in a practical way or whether they need more real time access to the database and you have to look at the available signal technology Wi-Fi hotspots and cell phone signal strengths to determine what’s practical for you.

If you’d like some advice about mobile CRM there’s lots of information about it at, please have a look there, and thank you for watching today.

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