posted by Alan Joenn on March 15, 2013
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CRM Problems And Issues #3: Unclear Purposes And Procedures

If your CRM system isn’t clearly defined, with dedicated procedures in place to support it then it is likely to be in trouble. This whiteboard session takes a look at why this is the case.


Hello and welcome to this CRM whiteboard session. We’re on the theme of CRM problems and issues and this is number three in a series of four short videos. Number three is about mapping out purpose of the CRM system with the processes that you have operating within your business.

If purpose, the intent of the CRM system – what it’s supposed to do – is on scale somewhere in your organisation between unclear to the users of the CRM system through to it being crystal clear, and that’s mapped against the processes that you have (your working practices, the things people do day to day) which might range from being informal at one end of this axis, to being structured and documented and very formalised.

crm-problems-unclear-purpose-process-2Now, in a business that has a crystal clear purpose for the CRM system which everybody understands and formal structured processes, the level of success that you would expect from CRM is very high.

If, on the other hand, the purpose of your CRM system is not clear and you work in a day to day fashion with informal processes where people do things in a rather unstructured way, then potentially you’ve a troubled environment for CRM and it might not deliver the return on investment that you were hoping from it.

Obviously within this set of quadrants, if you’re here with crystal clear purpose for the CRM system but informal processes, then obviously providing some structure to working practices will help you move across into the success quadrant. Similarly if you’re here with structured processes but you haven’t clearly defined the strategy and the purpose of the CRM system to the user community, then this is the piece that needs to be addressed so that you can move into the success quadrant here.

So you might want some help from the outside from somebody externally who can look at some of these messages here whereas internally you probably have the capability to measure this axis for yourself.

The strategy aspect of CRM is articulated very well in one of our eBooks. We have a CRM Strategy eBook which you can download from the Resources section of our website. We hope you’ve found this intro to the topic and this concept of mapping purpose and process together before you start your CRM initiative, we hope you’ve found this useful and thank you for watching today.

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