posted by Alan Joenn on December 21, 2012
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Selecting the right CRM software is more to do with how you will get your team to adopt the new technology than about finding the right features within the software itself. In this short CRM Whiteboard session, Alan Joenn discusses how to find the right approach to implementing a new CRM solution.


Hello, and welcome to this CRM Whiteboard session where today we’re going to talk about CRM selection: How do you go about determining which CRM solution you’re going to adopt within your organisation?

Now, there’s a lot of information on the Collier Pickard website and on our blog, about the fact that CRM is a cultural change – it’s a cultural initiative – within your organisation. It’s not just a piece of software. So, if we’re going to improve or affect the culture of business to become more customer focused, more concentrated on the client, making it easier for prospective clients target clients and existing customers to do business with you, then changing culture in this way will involve education of your team – the people who deal with customers, your client contact point and the management structure within the organisation.

The education often needs to be based around the fact that you’re going to ask people to do things slightly differently in terms of the data they work with and the information you ask them to collect. If you’re going to become more customer centric, more client focused, then that often involves a change in the way you handle data that’s customer related so defining data is often very easy. We break it into three categories:

What information do people need to have to hand before they engage in a client contact, whether it’s a phone call, a meeting, a seminar, or a piece of email communication.

What information are they going to collect during that customer contact or during that discussion with a prospective customer.

And having captured that information, who else in the organisation needs to use that information in order to do their jobs more effectively?

If you can define data in that way then this will define the education programme that you need to put in place, it will help define expectations. You’re going to ask people to do their jobs in a slightly different way with this new CRM tool in play, in order to affect the culture change that you want which will help you achieve your strategy of becoming more customer centric.

So, this change in culture, this introduction of new technology might be something that you do as an organisation once every five, seven, maybe even ten years. So analysing data in this way and defining an education programme which will help you affect a culture change is something that you are not very experienced at. But there are organisations out there, CRM consultancies, CRM specialists, who do have the experience that you need to help you get this data analysis and this educational structure right, because it’s the stuff that they do every day. Collier Pickard is one of those organisations. If you’re thinking about selecting a new CRM system we’d love to help you.

There’s more information about culture change and other aspects of CRM on our website and on our blog. Please visit and thank you for watching today.

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