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posted by Eva Gross on May 30, 2018
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Many surveys have been conducted around the use of CRM systems by sales and marketing professionals. In one study*, it was revealed that even though most are required to use CRM, 79% of the respondents just “check the box” to keep their bosses happy. This low adoption rate indicates that making CRM “stick” requires more than just implementing a solution – you need to ensure your teams understand what’s in it for them, how it fits with your company objectives, and how to use the system at optimal levels for success.

We have written many blogs and created videos around CRM adoption as it’s such an important topic to cover, and the challenges around this subject don’t seem to age. So if you’re on the hunt for a new CRM solution, one of the many things to bear in mind is to choose a system that adapts easily to your organisation’s unique business model and strategy, as this can help you win higher CRM adoption rates.

This ebook by Infor, “Make CRM stick—Eight ways to increase CRM adoption in your organisation“, covers 8 key points to help you ensure your CRM project is a success:

  • Understand why others fail with CRM
  • Create a solid implementation plan
  • Choose a flexible solution that fits your business needs
  • Choose a CRM system that’s easy to personalise
  • Use email to your advantage
  • Select a system with social media capabilities
  • When you go live with CRM, keep going forwards
  • Choose your system wisely

Happy reading!

*By Corporate Visions survey results, press release, July 30, 2013


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