Selecting CRM Software

Selecting CRM software for your organisation can be a difficult task.

At Collier Pickard we pride ourselves on our stance as independent CRM consultants. This means that we’ll do our very best to ensure that you end up with the CRM system that’s right for you.

Our years of experience in the field have led us to recognise that there are some systems that can be considered “best in breed”, and that have proven themselves to be flexible, reliable and cost-effective systems time and time again.

We consider the following systems to be robust, reliable and adaptive to many different industries but remember: if we don’t think they’re the right fit for your business, we’ll help you find the CRM software that is.

Creatio Logo

Creatio Digital Workflow & CRM

Creatio is a great low-code, digital workflow & CRM platform that merges Sales, Marketing and Service into one versatile package.

Maximizer CRM

Maximizer CRM

Benefit from a large enterprise system built with a Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) focus and price with Maximizer CRM.