CRM Videos

Best practice advice

Sometimes there isn’t time to sit and digest an eBook, no matter how important or interesting the topic might be. With that in mind, try a CRM video instead. We’ve put together a series of short, educational videos covering a range of important topics. These videos should help you learn the way you want to, when you want to!

Presented by Alan Joenn, each video has been roughly organised by subject matter to help you find the most relevant one for you.

Preparing for CRM

What can CRM do for you?
CRM and the customer journey
Whats in it for me?
Education not training in CRM
Preparing for CRM
CRM and Professional Services

Selecting CRM

Selecting CRM Software
Choosing the Right CRM System
Cloud services and CRM
Hosted CRM
Mobile CRM

Using CRM

Digital marketing and CRM
Lead generation and CRM
Operational CRM
Customer classification in CRM part 1
Customer classification in CRM part 2

Improving CRM

CRM strategy
User engagement
CRM maturity
CRM and Apps
CRM and Field Sales
Social Media and CRM

Challenges in CRM

Challenges in CRM
Why CRM systems fail
CRM Problems its too slow
CRM problems 2 driver leaves
Unclear purposes and proceedures
Missing functions

What gives us the authority to make these CRM videos?

In short, our years of experience in successful CRM. Working through the good times and the bad times, bull markets and recessions. With our team of CRM consultants that have been working together since the early 1990s, we’ve developed CRM implementation into a science, rather than a “dark art”.

I’ve watched all the videos. What next?

Once you’ve watched and digested all the information in our CRM videos, it’s probably time to talk to someone about your project. Click on the link below to arrange a free consultation with our team.