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Learn about the core of Customer Relationship Management with The CRM eBook or dive into specific areas that meet your needs with our range of free CRM eBooks covering core concepts, industries and job roles.

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By Role

Business Owner

Business Owners Guide to CRM

Sales Director

Sales Directors Guide to Selecting CRM

IT Director

The I.T Director's Guide to Selecting CRM

Marketing Director

The Marketing Director's Guide to Selecting CRM

General Manager

The General Manager's Guide to Selecting CRM

Key Concepts

CRM Basics

Operational CRM

The Operational CRM eBook


The CRM Strategy eBook

Analytical CRM

The Analytical CRM eBook

Social CRM

The Social CRM eBook


The CRM Maturity eBook

Finding Leads

The Inbound Marketing eBook


Focusing Your Sales Efforts eBook

By Industry

Professional Service

The Professional Services CRM eBook
No-Code/Low-Code buyers guide front cover
AI in Business_From Theory to Practice Cover

What gives us the authority to write these CRM eBooks?

Good question. You need to know you can trust the information you’re reading here, if you’re going to make decisions based on our recommendations.

The simple answer is “we’ve been in successful CRM for a very long time”. The team at Collier Pickard has a wealth of experience in CRM dating back to the early 1990s. Making CRM a success during the good times and the bad has evolved from a “black art” into a structured science for us. As a result, we have a deep understanding of what works and what doesn’t in CRM.

I’ve read all the eBooks. What next?

Once you’ve read and digested all the information in our CRM eBooks, it’s probably time to talk to someone about your project. Arrange a consultation with our team today. We’ll talk about what you need from CRM and map out a path you can follow to achieve these goals.