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Whether you’re looking for CRM advice, systems or support, we’re here to help. As an independent CRM consultancy firm we can help you find the approach to CRM that suits your organisation, not the needs of the vendor.


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Our strategy is to drive shareholder value through sales growth and excellence in customer service throughout our business. Partnering with Collier Pickard has helped us to identify key technologies and business processes that support that strategy.

Ian Fraser, CEO

CRM Advice, Systems, Support

Once you’ve finished your early research and you need some more in-depth information, there are a couple of options you can consider. The first is to have a look at some of our recommended CRM software packages. Whilst we pride ourselves on our independent stance as CRM consultants, we still recognise that there are some CRM systems that are (in our opinion) best in breed. Have a look at the  information on our hand-picked CRM software.

The second option is to have a chat with one of our experts by registering for a free consultation. During this session your consultant will offer you CRM advice tailored to your situation and help you to plan your next steps in implementing a successful CRM system and culture. To register for your consultation, click the banner below.

Not ready to talk to someone just yet?

That’s okay! If you’re in the early stages of your project you may well just be gathering information and looking for CRM advice that you can digest at your own pace. We can help you here.

Have a look at our free CRM resources library, containing eBooks, videos and articles designed to help you understand CRM. In particular, if you’re new to CRM, we recommend you start with The CRM eBook – What Works… What Doesn’t.

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