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Analytics & Business Intelligence

Analytics & Business Intelligence

There are two ways of thinking about analytics and BI:

  • Show me what I need to know … are my KPIs and milestones on track?
  • Show me what I don’t know … help me find patterns or trends which could fuel improvement

In today’s world of CRM and CX you (of course) need both; not one or the other.

Dashboard and indicators are a great way to quickly show your position against your KPIs. If it’s in the right zone, then move on and spend time more productively elsewhere. If it’s outside the norm, then drill down and find out why there’s a variation and what caused it. Many CRM systems have in-built tools for dashboards and indicators; and they use simple logic to help you create them without being a techie. Most also link to Excel – so that you can pump data out to predefined pivot tables and spin information around to give you a better insight into your performance.

“Show me what I don’t know” can be achieved in a variety of ways. We often use row-and-column arrays of data to create “white space” reporting … missing data being obvious in the grid created. However, for more detailed insight into your business operation, we advocate purpose-built business intelligence tools. These can use in-memory technology to give rapid analysis and trending, or alerts spawned by exceptions, or workflows triggered by predefined data comparison within your business data.

Working out the right approach to analytics and BI normally becomes obvious once you have defined your goals for business growth and for customer engagement, and defined the go-to-market tactics you will adopt to deliver the top level goal.


With QlikView, you can easily analyse data and create insight to help you to work smarter and harder, and make better business decisions.


KnowledgeSync is a Business Activity Monitoring application that combines business intelligence, alerts and workflow to take care of repetitive processes, monitor enquiries and help you keep you on top of your business.

Need help in deciding which application will enhance the efficiency of your business?

Get in touch with us and we’ll work out a plan for you. This may involve a straightforward consultation, or a deeper workshop-style session to help you build your strategy.

Managing through CRM

The lasting success of your CRM project is directly linked to how committed your team is. This workshop develops practical tools to help your management team understand how “best practice” CRM can help you achieve your business goals.

STEP workshop

Strategy, Tactics, Execution, Platform. With our flagship CRM workshop, we’ll build a deep understanding of what works and what doesn’t in the deployment of your CRM initiative.

Not sure where to start?

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