All in-one Systems: Marketing & CRM

Marketing automation and CRM systems are logical partners. They work hand-in-hand. These days you can get both sets of functionality within a single software system. There are two such systems in our portfolio:

So whilst you may choose separate marketing and CRM technologies for sophistication and rich functionally in each area, there are other options offering you a choice:

Business Development

CRM tools that focus on companies as well as the multiple contacts you have within those companies. This offers advantages over conventional marketing automation tools which are invariably contact focussed, using individual email addresses as the unique key for data synchronisation with the CRM database.

Marketing CRM

Marketing automation embedded within CRM may provide simple email template production and with a limited level of detail returned from email marketing. Although lead nurturing and lead scoring are out with the remit of these systems, they are quick and easy to use. Maximizer CRM is a good example of this approach.

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The marriage between marketing and CRM can become more sophisticated, offering not just email tools but also lead capture, surveys, website visitor tracking, sales engagement and marketing asset tracking. Inbox.Guru native marketing automation for Infor CRM is a good example of this approach.

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