Advisor247 CRM

Advisor247 CRM is an on-demand, Software as a Service (SaaS) Customer Relationship Management system. Its rich features enable integrated delivery of classic CRM, high-quality management information and deep web and email integration.

Why we recommend Advisor247 CRM

As an SaaS CRM system, Advisor247 CRM is securely accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. Additionally it offers an extremely low-cost approach to feature-rich CRM functionality. Advisor247 CRM can also be customised by the author on your behalf – unlike most other SaaS systems which have no customisation options.


From £45.00 per user, per month.

Key Features

Flexible CRMFlexible

Advisor247 CRM is built on a stable and secure platform designed to be customised to meet your unique business needs.

Develop and integrate CRMIntegration

Advisor247 CRM integrates strongly with many front and back office applications, including strong data-synchronisation links with popular financial systems.

CRM SecuritySecurity

Accessible through web-browsers, Advisor247 CRM does not require any installation on workstations, thereby dramatically reducing risks associated with on-premise installations.

Manage your Business Relationships

  • Understand and manage your relationships with customers, prospects, suppliers, partners etc.
  • Classify organisations and contacts – and produce statistical reports
  • Easily access information in one place – information that is always up to date and synchronised with other systems

Access all Communications

  • Instantly access all incoming and outgoing communication in one location
  • Integrate with your email client: Outlook, Thunderbird, or built in Web Client
  • MS Office, PDF, AutoCAD drawings, scanned documents, SMS messages are all supported in Advisor247 CRM

Share Information

  • Share documents, presentations, etc. internally through a shared space
  • View company calendar, task manager and knowledgebase
  • Create proposals and other documents easily via the products and services database
  • Select documents to be shared with the outside world through your website

Ensure Efficiency and High Quality Results

  • Manage a well organised and efficient sales process from prospect to end of sale
  • Deliver timely and high standard customer service with help from the support handling system
  • Enforce consistency in the quality of deliverables through customisable quotation systems and order checklists

Team Management

  • Assess quantitative metrics such as case volume and resolution times for team members
  • Display accurate, up-to-date reports on the interactive dashboard to avoid constant running of routine reports
  • Deliver a more meaningful service to customers by encouraging staff and giving them the tools they need to improve service levels

Web Self-Service

  • Enable customers to access knowledge base articles and self-help to resolve issues
  • Enable customers to raise support requests and track the progress of existing issues
  • Provide access to a sub-set of your Advisor247 CRM data and functionality, fully integrated with your own website

At a Glance


Business Alerts

Warnings and alerts can be configured based on your key criteria.

Calendar Synchronisation

The in-built calendar provides effective time-management, delegation and controlled implementation of tasks among your colleagues. Tasks can be planned, shared, accepted or rejected, facilities booked and your staff can be reminded when important events are nearing.

Client Database

Collect data and maintain contact with potential, current and past clients. Advisor247 CRM allows data archiving and dynamic, personalised interaction with clients.


The in-built email client allows you access to your emails from any networked computer, with all the normal functions of popular email clients incorporated. This integration of email with the CRM system ensures all communications with a client can be accessed in one location.

Customer Service

Track and control post-sales issues – including your team’s reaction times and KPIs.

Document Storage and Generation

Collate documents in any format, whether from internal or external sources, allowing your staff to share information and collaborate on projects.

Auto-generation of a range of documents based on pre-defined templates with in-built merge fields, saving your team valuable time.


Collate company information, documentation, external standards, competitor analysis, and allow access within your company as required. Information stored within the Knowledge Base can be tagged to appear on your website where desired.

Product and Price Lists

Manage products and services with Advisor247 CRM’s in-built product lists. Produce offers and agreements and adapt them quickly as required. Multi-currency price lists and simple discount mechanisms ensure accuracy in your information.

Project Management

Manage individual projects, including marketing campaigns, trade fairs and exhibitions. Control and plan sales force budgets using functions such as potential and actual ROI calculators.

Report Generation

Closely integrated with MS Excel, Advisor247 CRM’s report generation tool allows you to quickly and easily produce planning and forecasting, task completion, and sales reports.

Sales Monitoring

View the current progress of a specific sale or review past successes or failures.